Mental Wellness Day June 3!! Online sessions available until June 18th

Thursday, June 3rd is Mental Wellness Day for schools in Alberta! Check out the online sessions that will be available online from June 3rd until June 18th: 

From 3:45 to 5pm on June 3rd, staff can join Dr. Ungar, a renowned author and speaker on resilience, in an inspiring story-filled presentation on maintaining the capacity to cope during times of change and challenge. Explore factors critical to resilience and learn a number of innovative strategies that can be used immediately.

The session will end with an important message from Sheldon Kennedy, former professional hockey player and co-founder of Respect Group Inc. You can watch the session here: 

Parents can watch a talk from Dr Jody Carrington between 7 and 8pm on June 3rd. “Our kids are okay only if those of us holding them are okay.” Join Dr. Jody Carrington – speaker, author, game changer – as she delivers her powerful message through humour and realism, understanding the importance of attachment and connection during these challenging times. Watch the session here: