Joey Baldwin

Teachers - Social Studies

About Me

I originally hail from God's country, otherwise known as Cape Breton. I've been a honorary Albertan now for twelve years and loving it. I started teaching in Alberta in 2003 and I have been with Christ the Redeemer since 2005.

My gorgeous and much superior wife also works here at the school so don't contact her by mistake thinking you're contacting me; she's the 'Mrs.' and I'm the 'Mr.'  In addition to working together (which I love, I might add), we are both the proud owners of a spunky, rambuncious toddler named Mya who keeps us on our toes to say the least.

Also, let it be known that I am a die-hard Oakland Raiders fan (please stop laughing). It's important that I declare my allegiance now so when they win the Super Bowl it doesn't look like I jumped on their bandwagon.  With that being said, I'm taking early applications for the bandwagon now.

If you want to visit my homework site, please click here.